Delegation: the group of delegates who represent a country

A school participating in MUNOFS III will be assigned a country or countries sufficient for the number of students that the school will bring to the conference.

The country will have one delegate in each of the standard six committees, GA1, GA2, ECOSOC, HR, ENV, and Spec Conf. Therefore a standard delegation will have six students.

Only 15 countries are represented on the Security Council. Such countries are called SC countries. An SC country delegation will consist of two more delegates as these two will be the delegates of that country on the Security Council

In simpler terms, all countries have a place for at least six delegates. Security Council countries can have eight delegates.

How do we get a country?

On your Form 1 you indicate the number of students you wish to bring as delegates, and if you wish to have an SC country. We will then assign to you the appropriate number of countries.