Dear Sir/Madame,

The Overseas Family School Model United Nations (MUNOFS) Committee would like to invite students from your school to our third high school MUNOFS conference, MUNOFS III

This two-day conference will take place on the OFS campus on 23 - 24 October 2010.

Through this conference we hope to provide a unique opportunity to engage students in a professional, albeit friendly, environment to develop their research, debating and leadership skills. This will, in turn, increase their experience and knowledge of broad-based world issues and concerns. We aim for both new and experienced participants to find it a rewarding experience.

MUNOFS III will be one month before the THIMUN-Singapore conference. As such we consider our conference to be an excellent training opportunity for those delegates who will also be attending THIMUN-Singapore. We will be including some of the same or similar issues, and we follow THIMUN rules and procedures.

Schools from outside of Singapore will enjoy both the conference and the cultural experiences available in Singapore. A selection of activities is suggested on our web site. Friday, 22 October is suggested as an ideal day for any of these outings.

Hotel accommodations are suggested for you in this web site.

In closing, we would be pleased and honored if your school would participate in this MUNOFS III, and we look forward to seeing and working with your students in the near future.

In a world of growing diplomacy and international awareness, it is our ambition to bring together young men and women to engage in the educated discussion and debate of issues that have long scarred our world. Your presence will add a unique spark to the conference and we sincerely hope you will be among those joining us for MUNOFS III.

Please do not hesitate to call or email at any time.

Thank you for your consideration,

David Taylor
Dean of International Relations
Overseas Family School
25F Paterson Road,
Singapore 238515

6738-0277, ext 231