Many thanks to all who applied to be student officers at MUNOFS III. The selection committee found it difficult to narrow down the final decision, but here we are with the successful candidates.

All student officers who live in Singapore are required to attend a training day on Saturday, 14 August 2010, here at Overseas Family School, 25F Paterson Road. 9am - 3pm. If you do not attend this training session your student officer position may be reassigned.

Congratulations to these students who have been selected to the following committees.

GA 1
Rohit Subramanian (OFS)
Phoebe Hung (OFS)
Oliver Kim (SAS)

GA 3
Abhidnya Chavan (OFS)
Malhar Joshi (OFS)
Connor June (OFS)

Shiladitya Ghosh (ACSi)
Monica Peou (OFS)
Jesmine Woon (AMK)

Sam Kee Qin Xiang (HCI)
Jensen Tan (AMK)
Seow Yongzhi (HCI)

Ayala Ples (OFS)
Sadie Ritmann (OFS)
Aishwaria Ramani (OFS)

Tan Khee Yunn Nicolette (HCI)
Matthew Ho (OFS)
Jaya Malhotra (OFS)

Viviana June (OFS)
Lena Faust (OFS)